Restaurant website setup & booking functionality

The Black Olive

The Black Olive is a family friendly semi-fine dining restaurant serving simple and vibrant Italian food, and wanted a website to match. Being a relatively new restaurant, they needed a website to show the world its wares while taking the pressure of their phone system during peak times.


  • UX

  • Visual Design

  • Booking system

  • Social media integration

  • PHP

  • Javascript

  • OpenTable integration


  • Hospitality


The Black Olive wasn’t sure exactly what they wanted, but they had a few key issues to solve.

They wanted to showcase the vibrancy and family friendly nature of they restaurant while overhauling the way they took orders and managed demand during peak times.

The Black Olive had been relying on taking bookings over the phone but wanted to free up their staff to provide sterling customer service.

They also wanted to integrate social media functions into their site, such as displaying its Instagram feed and allowing users to chat with the restaurant via Facebook messenger for more immediate feedback.

Finally, they wanted to allow users to enquire about events using calendar functionality.

Strategy and Solution

Hexanova worked with The Black Olive for three weeks to deliver a final solution that would sate both form and function — just like a delicious Calabrese pizza!

After an initial interview, Hexanova started with a low-fi wireframe and UX research to get the basics right, and then gave The Black Olive a choice of three high fidelity designs to choose from.

Once they had decided on a look and feel they loved, Hexanova got to work on key integrations.

This included social media integrations such as embedding the client’s Instagram feed, and setting up a Facebook messenger integration.

Then, after a round of testing, the site was ready to serve. Buon appetito!


  • UX research and competitor analysis
  • Site and integration design
  • UAT testing


With the ability to book online, staff were able to jump off the phone and serve the customers they had in the restaurant to the best of their ability.

Phone calls for enquiries dropped a whopping 75%, saving the restaurant time and money — while the restaurant saw a pick up in bookings because of the ease of the process.

The Black Olive owners also found it easier to talk to customers and ask for feedback via Facebook messenger.

The owners also reported that more people recognise their restaurant because of the redesign and social media integrations.

More customers, less time on the phone, and a fresh and vibrant look? That’s a tasty result!

Services provided

  • Digital Design
  • User Experience Design
  • OpenTable Integration
  • Mobile Responsive Front-end Website Application Development

  • Social Media Integration
  • UAT and technical testing

It was a pleasure working with you, the website was build in 2 weeks and ready to go. We are very happy with the final product and the follow up as well.

Johan Durbas, The Black Olive