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Online Firewood

Online Firewood delivers firewood to keep Melbourne warm during its long, cold winters. It’s been in business for more than 20 years, having built a reputation for timely and reliable delivery. Its redgum timber is sourced from reliable, quality timber merchants and is known for going above and beyond for its customers.


  • UX

  • Visual Design

  • Responsive Ecommerce website (WordPress)

  • Ecommerce integration (WooCommerce)
  • Dynamic purchase form
  • PHP
  • Javascript
  • MySQL


  • Retail


Its reputation for sterling customer service preceded it, to the point that it was starting to present a problem for the business.

Despite having defined delivery areas, Online Firewood often found itself delivering to far-flung places, feeling obligated to do so. This meant that time that could have been spent improving their business and making things more efficient was spent on the road.

It had a list of places it delivered to on its website, but it wanted a way to enforce a geographic limit on orders, to make sure people weren’t ordering to places the business just couldn’t go.

It also wanted to give customers a calendar view of when they could expect their order, and the ability to schedule multiple orders instead of having to start a fresh order every time by creating an account.



Hexanova started working with Online Firewood over the course of three weeks to work on a solution to the problem.

It first designed a low-fidelity mockup on the solution to be delivered — and walked the business through the integrations it wanted to use.

Once this was validated by the business, Hexanova delivered a hi-fidelity design and made sure all the integrations worked with thorough testing.


  • UX research deepdive into the business
  • Site and integration design
  • UAT testing
  • Consumer interviews and research

  • Tech review


Using a WooCommerce integration, Hexanova was able to apply a geographic limit on orders by creating an acceptable range of postcodes.

Users had to put in their postcode during the checkout process, and if the postcode didn’t match up with where Online Firewood could reasonably deliver, users were politely informed of this.

Hexanova also created the ability for users to create an account with a user dashboard area, so they could:

  • See when their firewood would be delivered
  • Schedule multiple orders


  • If you could believe it, the changes Hexanova implemented resulted in too much business for Online Firewood.
  • Because the company could manage more orders thanks to the geographic limit imposed by Hexanova’s solution, and users could schedule multiple orders, orders jumped from six per day to 25.
  • The client subsequently asked Hexanova to build in an order limit to avoid overwhelming the business, and today, Online Firewood is booming and more people are surviving cold Melbourne winters as a result.

Services provided

  • Digital Strategy
  • User Experience Design
  • eCommerce integration
  • Mobile Responsive Front-end Website Application Development
  • Customer hub creation
  • Payment integration

Nova is fantastic to work with & incredibly helpful & has great knowledge on all things IT

Joanne De Gregorio, Onlinefirewood