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Energise with Elka

Energise with Elka is a Melbourne-based PT and Pilates instructor providing program fitness packs for people who want to stay fit and healthy – whether they’re at home, able to train outdoors, or in the gym.

Clients can simply choose a program they need to help them reach their fitness goals.


  • UX

  • Visual Design

  • Responsive Ecommerce website (WordPress)

  • Creative Direction


  • Fitness & Health


With unique challenges created by quarantine during the pandemic, Elka came to Hexanova to find a solution to the twin problems of delivering her services when most of them were under restrictions, while also growing her business.

She wanted to train people via video call and provide pre-recorded workout videos to help existing clients – all while focusing on her website to make sure new customers were well looked after with new programs to suit their needs.

Hexanova was asked to help redevelop the Energise with Elka website to reflect Elka’s passion while making purchasing a program pack seamless for her clients.

Traditionally, Elka used Microsoft Word to create programs and invoices – meaning her material looked unprofessional, and creating it took up time she could better use developing new products and services.


By working closely with Elka, we developed several concepts and eCommerce solutions. The strategy was to create an identity that was friendly and approachable, with a website design that emphasised easy movement and navigation – reflecting the energy Elka’s programs bring her clients.

Through user interviews, our research showed that most of her clients would browse and purchase fitness packs from their mobile phones, so we optimised a mobile friendly site to match.


  • Define a clear strategy and requirements  for the website

  • 101 PT client interviews

  • Competitor analysis

  • Gym member interviews


Hexanova built a mobile-optimised, content managed website based on the flexible, secure and scalable open-source WordPress content management system (CMS) platform. The site showcases Elka’s fitness program packs, with exercise videos automatically downloading for new clients.

The site is integrated with WooCommerce’s eCommerce platform and Square’s payment gateway. We also launched a major UX and design-led overhaul of the site that introduced a rich set of features, including:

  • Program price list and purchase pack details with a ‘buy pack’ button.

  • Ecommerce solution on product details page with image gallery and YouTube intro video.
  • Shopping cart page with ability to add more products, remove products and general updated cart functionality.
  • Promotional/coupon code functionality.
  • Payment integration with Elka’s preferred payment gateway.
  • The ability to generate an invoice after purchase, with downloaded videos included in the program pack.
  • A full-width banner with elegant seamless transition, emphasising the energy Elka’s programs bring her clients.
  • The ability to update content with a WordPress CMS platform.
  • Embedded video within performance pages to showcase classes and training.
  • Full mobile optimisation.


The Energy with Elka website is fully optimised and easy to navigate with mobile and tablet devices. Anyone who wants to achieve their fitness goals can quickly find the information or service they need.

  • Easier to service the clients through the website instead of spending time drafting Word documents.
  • Increased visibility and video functionality has grown the geographic spread of Elka’s clients.
  • 30% increase in monthly income in the month the website launched.
  • Flexibility to change services and give more information to clients due to user-friendly CMS.
  • It’s now easier to offer additional programs and services to clients, while it’s easier for clients to pay for them.
  • The Energise with Elka brand has been, well, re-energised by the website branding overhaul.

Services provided

  • Digital Strategy
  • User Experience Design
  • Art Direction
  • Visual Design
  • Mobile Responsive Front-end Website Application Development
  • User Experience Design
  • Payment integration

I have been fitness professional for 16 years and am a busy mother of two, but Hexanova has assisted in taking my business to another level. Nova listened to all of my needs, and was very intuitive with what I required. The agency is highly professional with excellent attention to detail and finished tasks in record speed. The end product exceeded my expectations; the website is beautiful and clean and my clients are pleased with how easy it is to navigate through the website because the website design is so user focussed bookings increased by 50% and her work is brilliant; she is a joy to work with and I would highly recommend her with a 5 gold star rating.

Elka P, Energise With Elka