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Cityslim and laser clinic

CitySlim and Laser Clinic is a boutique clinic nestled above the ‘Paris’ end of Collins Street in Melbourne, pioneers in fat and cellulite removal.

It also offers body slimming, skin lifting and skin tightening (on both body and face), lymphatic and toxin drainage, body sculpting and contouring, neck and face lift, face cheeks lips eyes jawline lift and contouring.


  • UX

  • Visual Design

  • Creative Direction

  • WordPress


  • Health and Beauty


CitySlim approached Hexanova to give its online presence a bit of a nip and a tuck. It wanted a new brand and feel, with Hexanova also drafted in to rebrand its logo, colour scheme and brand identity.
It wanted a re-fresh to:

  1. Increase awareness by allowing customers to find out all there is to know about CitySlim, its services, treatment technology, success stories from existing customers as well as its competitive pricelist.
  2. Grab more traffic with a higher SEO ranking and ad-hoc social media ads.
  3. Make the website mobile-friendly. Most CitySlim customers find it and book services on their mobiles.
  4. Turn warm leads into hot ones by displaying products and services on the website.
  5. Increase the number of leads accumulated through the website.
  6. Re-assure potential customers about the credibility of their business with elegant brand design.

Before & After



Hexanova worked with CitySlim to modernise its brand identity and design and develop a brand-new responsive website with a WordPress CMS. This enabled CitySlim’s team to update content and services freely and securely, without being anxious about breaking the site entirely.

We also worked with CitySlim on its branding – making sure it had a modern, clean, and elegant look and feel to appeal to future target audiences.


  • Research deep dive into the business
  • Mobile product and service design
  • Competitor analysis
  • Consumer interviews
  • Tech review


Hexanova redesigned CitySlim’s website from the ground up – taking it from static HTML to a responsive, mobile-friendly design.

UX and functionality

  • We engaged in a thorough UX review, including wireframing, user interviews and user testing at each step of the process.
  • This resulted in a content restructure, with new categories added, and implemented a booking system.
  • We also re-designed CitySlim’s design palate to better fit its philosophy.


  • We created a new gold-coloured logo for CitySlim, but it didn’t just stop with a logo.
  • We created a brand identify for CitySlim with both male and female elements top emphasise that CitySlim’s services are for all genders.
  • The graphic design on the CitySlim site and marketing collateral is simple, clean, luxurious, and inviting – featuring a crisp and modern font against a white background.


  • Thanks to the site re-design, traffic to the site increased by 70%, while return visitors jumped by 57%.
  • This was down to clever SEO design and clear content categories.
  • Due to the new traffic and Hexanova’s implementation of a booking system on the site, bookings jumped by 68%.
  • The decision to more prominently feature CitySlim’s cancellation policy also paid off, with cancelations dropping by a whopping 98% — as users felt they had all the information they needed.

Services provided

  • User Experience Design
  • Art Direction
  • Visual Design
  • Mobile Responsive Front-end Website Application Development
  • Booking Integration